Hampton Luzak - Diversely Experienced Creative Professional

About Hampton Luzak

Hampton Luzak stands out as a creative professional with skills in multiple industries. She began her career as an assistant to a creative director at advertising agency BBDO, where she was a part of the development of several successful Pepsi commercials as well as the renowned Visa campaign, “It's everywhere you want to be.” Advancing to the fashion industry, Hampton Luzak became a public relations and marketing professional, holding positions with fashion houses Eileen West and Carlisle Collection.

[Ms. Luzak]http://hampton-luzak.blogspot.com/ carried her fashion industry knowledge to MSNBC, where she served as on-air talent for pieces covering fashion and other related topics. This experience in broadcast media helped Ms. Luzak develop contacts in the independent film industry, where she later worked as a casting director. She worked on a short film that won awards at the Hamptons International Film Festival, the Portland Film Festival, and the Big Muddy Film Festival.

After becoming a mother, Hampton Luzak turned her creative energies to the restoration of historic East Coast homes. She has donated time and resources to nonprofit organizations such as the Joyful Heart Foundation and the ASPCA.